Tools for Firebird developers

FBExport       [ details ] [ download ] [ manual ]
  • export and import data from Firebird databases
  • command line and GUI version
  • runs on Windows and Linux
  • export to comma separated values (CSV) format
  • export as INSERT statements
  • use exported data in DML statements
  • handles NULLs and BLOBs properly
  • ability to execute sql scripts from a file
FBCopy       [ details ] [ download ] [ manual ]
  • copy and compare data between Firebird databases
  • runs on Windows and Linux
  • automatically loads tables and compares their fields
  • uses Foreign Keys and Checks to determine the correct order of tables
  • can create ALTER TABLE and CREATE TABLE scripts needed to update the destination database
  • HTML overview of differences in data and metadata

Managing Metadata Changes       [ download ]
  • a paper presented at the 4th Firebird Conference
  • keep track of changes in database structure you make
  • merge changes with other developers
  • apply final modifications to customer's sites
  • use version control to track changes and conflicts
  • proof-of-concept PHP scripts provided in the package

Nagios plugin for Firebird       [ details ] [ download ]
  • Nagios is an open source host, service and network monitoring program
  • easy monitoring of Firebird server availability, hard disk usage, CPU load, etc.
  • ability to monitor server and/or individual databases
  • to learn more about Nagios, visit:

Read the Firebird FAQ to get answers to questions about Firebird.

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